Welcome to my OUR <3 world! A world full of socializing, good food and triple love – for family, friends and cooking.

How did it all start, and what made us meet here? What events does the blog get its name from? And have I liked cooking since I was a child, like most food bloggers? It may surprise you, but the answer to the last question is a firm “no” …

Back in 2006, probably no one around me would have thought that I would ever write a blog, and my mother was convinced that I would die of hunger when I started my studies and lived alone 😉 And in fact the beginnings of ‘adult life’ were quite bumpy, and all frozen meals, ready-made meals and fast food were often placed in the fridge and on the table … However, as you can guess, it is not a perfect solution in the long run, so I had to start cooking in the end – the student could not afford to wander around restaurants 😉 It was not love yet, but a prosaic necessity. However, as time went on, I noticed that I like what I do and, moreover, that my friends enjoy it.

It also liked my friends from all over the world, whom I met in Portugal as part of the Erasmus program. This is where my great adventure with cooking began, there I got to know a different cuisine, new tastes and people who also had to and / or liked to prepare their own meals. And it was there that the crazy idea of joint international dinners, cooking and eating together was born in my head, which turned out to be a hit of our trip, and the culinary meetings I organized had more and more participants.

After returning to Poland, I just couldn’t stop. I realized that cooking goes hand in hand with love. Primarily to people. That the secret is not cooking or eating, but sharing it with people who are important to us! And I do WE DO <3 so until today, impatiently waiting for each day that gives me US <3 an opportunity to do so 🙂